Success Happens


Some people think success is only for the “lucky” or that “it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time” or that “it’s who you know.”

While it is a fact that there are people who have succeeded due to the above factors, did you know that everyone else can have success too?

Many healthcare professionals have told me over the last 25 years that the reason their stats in the practice are down is because …there’s a recession happening … the weather was really bad this year … the whole town is going downhill … there are no good staff to be found to help out … and so on.

These are all “reasons” and do not allow for a solution.  We have found routinely that a practice will grow very substantially, no matter the external circumstances, if it is well run inside.  During the early 1990’s when we had a major recession, our clients’ practices grew a minimum of $10,000 per month routinely.

Voila!  Your success actually depends on your ability to deliver a service or an object or task that others want.  They pay you for this production so you can buy food, shelter and so on.  Let’s call this service, object or task your “product”.

The more valuable your product the more money you earn.  The more efficiently you produce your product, the more money you earn.  The better manager you are of your staff and your time, the more money you earn.  The more you know about marketing and actually do it, the more income you will earn.  The higher the perceived quality of your service, the more you will earn.

Have a look at these factors in your practice or your job, and see what can be improved.  Your income will follow that improvement.


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