Stay Fit … Increase Income?

Stay fit

Getting physically fit and making more income are two of the most popular goals. The question is: Are they related?

Have you ever let yourself go physically over a period of time and found that you are not getting enough restful sleep, leaving you feeling tired and draggy at work as a result? Does this influence your mood and the energy with which you approach your patients or clients and present ideal care to them?

The “End of Day” Drop Off

It has been observed that at the end of a long treatment day of more than 7 hours, most healthcare professionals start to run down physically and mentally. As a result their treatment presentations drop off and they just want to get through the balance of the day and go home. The most negative result of this is that those final patients or clients of the day may not be properly presented to in a way that encourages them to go ahead with the ideal care they deserve to have … if presented to at all. Bottom line, this will also influence your net income negatively.

The same is true for your whole team at work. One or two tired staff can drag a whole team down and this can reduce service to the patients and clients, and therefore practice income and also bonuses can drop.

So what can you do about this?

Disclaimer: This is not an article about HOW to get fit or lose weight. Nor is it an advertisement for anything other than improving your own health. The idea here is that you do SOMETHING of your own choice to help you feel more physically fit. (Lifting bottles of beer doesn’t count as exercise, by the way!)

However, just as an idea: There is a growing trend for fitness by wearing or carrying fitness trackers such as Fitbit (a clip on device or a wristband) which measures how many steps you take in a day, how many flights of stairs you climb, shows your heart rate, how many calories you burned, how you slept, how many minutes of continuous activity you did, and so on. Other brands are Garmin, Jawbone, Leaf, Misfit, etc.

Play the Game

With Fitbit (which some of my staff and I wear), you can send challenges and encouragement to each other to beat your own daily quotas and play other such games. It is really helpful to have friends and team members keep each other motivated. I really am encouraged every day to meet the daily number of steps goal I set for myself and have definitely noticed my fitness level improving as a result. I also noticed that when I haven’t met my fitness goal for a few days, I am more draggy.

More awake, physically fit teams are definitely going to generate more production and higher quality as well. Start a fitness game in your office and try it out!

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