Soulless Practice?

Whether you have your eyes on the next hill as your goal, or the next mountain, the stars, or beyond, the important thing is to have goals that you are working towards.

Sometimes it is easy to get so wrapped up in everyday disasters, challenges and general production scurry that you forget to look UP! Yet goals could be said to be the most important part of your practice. A goalless practice would be a soulless practice. There’s no spirit. No game. Nothing to strive towards. Just dull, “day in, day out” drudgery. All work, no play. No joy.

Goal setting is a very necessary part of owning a practice. Getting the agreement of your staff and focusing the forward actions of your practice in reaching those goals can really pull the team together.

Types of goals

One obvious goal would be: Giving every patient the ideal care they deserve to have. It might be said to be the underlying goal of why the practice exists in the first place in most cases. It’s true that every owner wants to make a good living from their practice but that is a by-product of achieving the goal of patients being delivered the ideal care they deserve to have (or whatever your own special wording for that concept is). Never lose sight as a team of that ultimate purpose.

However, there is a myriad of other types of goals: to be recognized as the best practice in your town or a neighborhood (in a big city); to have the most dedicated team of staff and professionals working to deliver the highest quality service to your patients; to make your patients so delighted with the quality of care and attention you give them that they naturally become major referral sources; … and so on.

Soul searching

Do some soul searching for yourself as the practice owner as to what you would really like to achieve with your practice … short term and long term. Write down a bunch of thoughts and then narrow it down to the one or ones that inspire you the most to want to achieve.

Ways and Means Meeting

Go over the goal(s) you worked out with your staff. Have a “ways and means” meeting to collect their thoughts and ideas as to how to achieve these goals. Many staffs are full of great ideas. Get them excited about the goals. Work out exact steps and actions to get going on to reach them.

Have some fun with this! You can excite yourself, your team and your patients by having the right goals and working towards them! Bring your practice more alive!

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