Owner Goals vs Staff Goals

Owner Goal vs. staff goal

Sometimes the owner of the practice has the feeling it’s “them vs. me” when it comes to the staff working to achieve the goals of the practice.  Often, everyone is not on the same page and a certain amount of friction can result.

Of course, this is all behind the scenes, and patients or clients usually are not aware that this exists, but that doesn’t mean that the push-pull of seemingly disrelated goals doesn’t exist to a greater or lesser degree.

What might surprise you however, when it comes right down to it, is how similar the goals of owners and staff actually are!  Let’s compare:

Owner Goals:

  1. Big, busy practice.
  2. Deliver service to the patients that exceeds their expectations.
  3. Happy staff who are well paid and earn production bonuses.
  4. A staff that gets along well.
  5. Lots of vacation time.
  6. Go home on time each day to be with my family.
  7. Have the practice run smoothly.
  8. Get lots of referrals from happy patients.
  9. Nice premises that impress patients.
  10. I want to look forward to coming into work each day.

Staff Goals:

  1. Big, busy practice so the day goes by quickly and so that I have job security.
  2. Love making patients happy.
  3. Would love to be able to earn bonuses by my production.
  4. Co-workers who I can get along with and ideally am friends with.
  5. Vacations several times per year.
  6. Be able to go home on time every day.
  7. Have the days go by smoothly without arguments or upsets.
  8. Get more new patients from our happy clientele referring so we are busy.
  9. Nice offices that are up-to-date and fun to work in.
  10. I want to look forward to coming into work each day.

Sit down and compare

It actually would be an interesting process to go through with each staff member individually to see what their goals and expectations actually are.  And then, for the owner to go over with the staff member what their own goals are for the practice.  Then, you would have to work out how to make it a win-win situation for everyone by working toward the achievement of all those goals.

Being on the same page and working as a team towards the same goals is an astonishingly good feeling.

This would be an ideal scene for the staff, owner AND the patients of the practice!

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