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My staff and I just spent the weekend at a workshop with Manuel Suarez, an Online Marketing Ninja/Expert/Guru, and although we have been doing online marketing for years ourselves, we had our eyes opened big-time to the massiveness of the opportunities to find and reach potential new clients or patients.

To start with, in Canada 70% of the population has a mobile device and 90% of those use it everyday, and almost all of them use Facebook – some more than others – but a large percentage check it at least once a day. YouTube is another major player in attracting online business from mobile device users.

How does this provide a huge opportunity for you to double or triple the number of new patients or clients into your practice?

Let’s start with Facebook

Facebook is one of many ways to reach target audiences but hands down is the most important (along with Instagram and Messenger which it owns).

One of our favourite features is that you can target the audience you want, such as: age, interests, geographical area, have kids, have jobs, etc. For instance, if you are in Montreal and want younger people aged 20 to 30 years old who are in a certain income bracket, you can target exactly that. If you want seniors in the west end of Montreal who are retired, you can have that too.

Another favourite feature is that you should put content in your ad that helps people. That is the underlying purpose of Facebook. You can publish blogs (little articles on topics everyone would be interested in) or little videos or images or audio messages or just plain text. Every once in a while, you can make the ad an actual advertisement with a call to action included to get them to actually call you. For an actual example, see Dr. Eric Berg’s Facebook page by clicking on this link and scroll down to the videos: Dr. Eric Berg

Another key feature is that you can access all the metrics (results) of your campaign through Facebook as well.

More info

While we could make this article be an entire book, we suggest that to get to know more about ads on Facebook and the whys and hows, go to and take the really quick and simple courses to learn all the ins and outs that you need to know to get started.

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