No Time vs. Free Time

Top Priority

Can’t get away from the practice on time.  Too busy to go to your son’s or daughter’s games.  Need a new car but no time to look.  Haven’t taken a serious holiday for years.  No time to sit down and read a good book for a few hours uninterrupted.  Can’t find a time to get that CE course you need.  Too overloaded to make the changes you want to make to your practice.  No time to meet with friends and chow down.

Okay, okay.  You get the idea…  No time. No time. No time!

But you know it doesn’t have to be that way, right?


A certain healthcare professional just texted me that he has no time to meet.  So I asked him back, “What is taking up all your time?”  He replied, “All my free time is taken by hobbies.”  Do you see a problem here? … I don’t.  I see someone who has chosen what he wants to spend his time on (rightly or wrongly in someone else’s opinion) and made those things HIS priority. He is doing what he perceives to be the important things in life for him.

The truth of the matter is that YOU are setting your priorities every minute of every day.  You are constantly deciding what is more important than other things.  You may say that others are deciding things FOR you, but in actuality you CHOSE to let them make those decisions for you.  And you can change your mind on that too if you want.

For example, you CHOSE to stay late and fit in one more patient rather than getting to your child’s soccer tournament on time.  You gave the one activity a priority over the other.  Or, you could go looking for a new car on your lunch hour while eating a sandwich instead of sitting in a restaurant chatting away.  Your choice.

Make Choices that Make You Happier

If you CHOOSE to do the things that are important to you (and this can include doing courses, staying late at work to rework your strategy for a better practice, etc.), you will be a happier person.

Focus on becoming more aware of your choices and work to make it YOU who is doing the choosing.

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