Mediocrity or Extraordinary?


Feeling bored with your practice?  Has it gotten into a state of too much routineness and predictableness?  Have you given up on reaching any of your dreams for your ideal practice?  Or, in the alternative, has the feeling of non-stop overwhelm worked its way into a state of normal operation and you feel hopeless about ever changing it?


A state of mediocrity can sneak up on you so gradually that you can be numb or blind to it and slowly give in to it.  It may even feel comfortable but it is deadly.  Ask yourself, what if it continues this way for the next 5 – 15 years?  What if it gets even worse?

Maybe it’s time for a mental and organizational renovation (not just change the  furniture, cabinets, walls, etc.).  The first step is to realize that you ARE stuck in mediocrity and decide that this is just not good enough for you and your team … nor your patients.

Imagine the future

Next, imagine how life would feel in the future if you were to reach your ideal scene for your practice.  Can you remember what you first dreamed of?  Or when you went to a seminar or conference and got some amazing ideas?  Really create the idea with great detail as to what would make your practice extraordinary and how that would feel to you. Write down those points that are needed for renovation and reorganization.

DECIDE to change

Once you DECIDE to change, you must now DEMAND of yourself to ditch mediocrity and reach for the extraordinary … no one can make you do this except YOU yourself.  This is the make/break point – a strong determination to make the leap and go for the gusto. There has to be strong HOPE for a better future or you will give up and fall back into the pit.  Get PASSIONATE about it.

And next?

If you know exactly what to do to create your extraordinary practice, then just get going.  Write your project and START!

However, most people find that at this point that they need a little outside help.  If you have ideas but don’t know how to get from where you are to THERE, then hire yourself an extraordinary consulting firm experienced enough to take you to the practice of your dreams.



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