How To Prosper

How DOES one prosper even in tough economic times?

The answer is simple: do a better job of taking care of your own show.

You can’t control events happening outside your door, but you sure CAN control the quality and quantity of service that your practice delivers to your patients.

Do this quick evaluation of your practice and see if there are a few areas you can immediately improve:

How would you rate the level of professionalism and friendliness that your patients receive when they arrive at your practice?

How would you rate the cleanliness and professional quality of your office and staff? How about the washrooms? Uniforms?

Do you make your patients happy by running on schedule?

How are your sales and presentation skills with your patients? Do you have a “rote patter” or do you actually “engage” the patient in a two-way interchange? Do they say “yes” when they should?

Keep the quality of your service high and you will ride out any economic blips happening outside your door.


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