How to Improve Your Lifestyle Despite the Recession

How do you want to improve your lifestyle? Your standard of living? Do you want a new car, a more comfortable house, better clothes?

What is the ideal lifestyle for you? If everything went well this year, how would you be living? Take a minute to write a description of the lifestyle you want.

Next, take this quiz. Check the items below that determine your standard of living:

The economy
Thinking good thoughts
Your parents
Luck, fate, destiny
Chanting, hoping meditating
The government
Your productivity

If you selected the last factor, you CAN do something to improve your lifestyle. Your products determine your lifestyle. When you produce enough valuable products, you earn the standard of living you want.

So What Is Your Product?

What do you produce? What is the end result of your hard work? If you produce a service such as a hotel clerk, your product is “a happy hotel guest.” If you are a physician, your product is “a healthy patient.” If you sing operas, your product is “an emotionally moved audience.”

Three Factors

Three production factors determine your standard of life:

  1. SPEED: how quickly can you produce your product?
  2. EXPERTISE: do you know what you are doing?
  3. VOLUME: how many products can you produce?

Working fast is important. Your expertise determines the quality of your product. Becoming an expert allows you to produce a higher quality product than others.

And of course, the more products you produce, the better your standard of living. Once you have earned the money for your new lifestyle, go for it! Buy that new car. Move to that new house. Eat at those nicer restaurants.

You earned it. You deserve it. Enjoy it!


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