How Explainer Videos Increase your Income


This article started forming when I went to a dentist’s website and the first thing that popped up was not the traditional Covid-19 warning box filled with a lot of words about what to expect when you visit the office nowadays. (These are usually very boring and too serious.)

Instead, this little animated video popped up and was an upbeat and cheerful explanation of the new Covid-19 protocols for that office, from what happens before I come for my appointment, to how to enter the office, that I should wear a mask or they will provide one, what the tech staff are going to look like with masks, and so on.  It was so thorough and so cute my worries all vanished and it felt safe to go there.  I was engaged!

What is an Explainer Video?

Intrigued, I went searching online and found out that the term for these are “explainer videos.”  I found a whole new world!  These videos have the express purpose of presenting a product or a service or even explaining an idea.

Experts say that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from video by 2022.  Video content is growing quickly online and on websites.  Video consumption on mobile devices rises by 100% every single year!  Videos are compelling and get the most engagement on many platforms, such as websites, Instagram and Facebook.

Factually, practices that utilize video marketing on their websites and social media will attract and retain more patients while outshining their competition.  Patients or clients who watch a video explaining a service or idea are 80% more likely to choose it.

(See the links to some examples at the end of this article.)

How Do They Work?

Explainer videos can be serious but are going to be more engaging if they are cute or upbeat (but professional).  They are better than writing something that people will not take the time to read.  A 1-2-minute video is far more interesting, and you can personalize them to your taste.  For instance, you can do cartoon style, more serious animations, or even real people with or without voice over, etc.  They are classy if done professionally and get your idea or message across in a fun, engaging way.

How and Where to Use Explainer Videos

Here are some uses for explainer videos:

  1. Patients can do a testimonial video (it does not violate patient privacy regulations).
  2. You could do a fun animation tour of your office.
  3. Pop up explainer video (animated) on Covid-19 can be fun and calming at the same time instead of the more usual wordy dissertation that comes up on most websites and makes everything sound difficult, worrisome and serious. Some websites have examples of these cool, upbeat explanations to their patients of what to expect on their next visit and all the protocols.
  4. Your Facebook page could have animated videos of different procedures and the benefits and what to expect.
  5. Same for your website as in #4 above.
  6. You could have one do an explanation for new patients and what they should expect from your practice.
  7. Do one on the explanation of fees and insurances.
  8. Explain typical treatment plans for your practice.

The list is endless!

Cost Efficient Marketing

Here’s the really good news … these can be very inexpensive, e.g. $66 up to $500 for a nice 1-2-minute explainer video.  Done within 5 – 10 days.  Here are some resources:

  • For more information on 17 different types of explainer videos, go to:

  • For inexpensive videos:

  • Or check out:

There are many, many more of these companies online but we found these helpful.  Try getting an inexpensive video made (check out Fivrr) and put it everywhere online.  You can always throw away something that only costs $66.

Get started and learn what they can do for your practice!

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