How Do You Handle Life’s Roadblocks?

When you feel stopped from accomplishing something, how do you respond? Get frustrated and give up? Drown your sorrows? Blame others? Blame yourself? Finding excuses is a popular way of explaining why you didn’t meet your goal. And of course, many people just give up.

But how SHOULD you handle life’s roadblocks?

  1. Write down your top three goals. If you don’t have three top goals, write down three big things you really want.
  2. Put these goals where you will see them several times each day. For example, a note taped on your car’s dashboard … a note on your computer screen … put it in your scheduler in your phone in a way that it will come up every day … place a sticker on the inside of your wallet. Anywhere you will constantly see the goals.
  3. Every time you feel like it can’t be done or a roadblock appears, refuse to get sad or give up or look for excuses. Instead, look over your goals again and renew your interest in achieving them. Become solution-oriented instead of buying into “why it can’t be done.”
  4. If you constantly have in mind where you are going, and you persist, YOU WILL GET THERE! You will need to work at it consistently. You will usually find that it takes time and energy to reach those goals.

Keep focused and strong intentioned and there is no obstacle that will be big enough or strong enough to stop you!

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