Good Times vs Bad Times

Good Times vs Bad Times

In the history of any business or practice it is inevitable that there have been good times and there have probably been bad times too.  Business has learning curves and it’s likely that you will never stop learning because life is being thrown at you non-stop.

Then again, what are “good times” and what are “bad times”?  How do you judge which you are in?  What seems like “good” to one practice owner may seem deplorably slow or small to another.  And the same is true with “bad” times – to others you may look like a genius based on your numbers, but you feel that you are falling short of your goals and so it is “bad”.

How can you make the good times better and the bad times into good times?

Half full & half empty cup

It is extremely important that when you are doing well and things are going better, you MUST acknowledge that.  It’s very important that you do not look at the half empty cup.  See the half full cup, acknowledge the progress, spread the love, and then plan how to get to the full cup stage.

If you are negative about your stats being up and say to yourself or your team:  “Yes, the stats are up BUT …,” this will act to pull the morale down and make you and others feel that what you are doing is never good enough.

Likewise, if your stats or production is down, being a “Debbie Downer” about it will also not get things going back up in the right direction any time soon.  Instead, do a good analysis to find out why things worsened and work out a logical step-by-step plan to make things go up in the right direction, delegate the steps to the team, and get everyone pumped up to get the steps done.

A good leader/executive

Being a good leader requires a lot of objectivity and positivity from you.  You are heading the team and the direction they head in is set by you.  Inspire positivity in your team too, because sometimes you might like them to send some your way as well!

Lead on and have lots of good times!

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