A Golden Rule of Leadership

As the manager or owner of a practice, you are the LEADER.  The one who sets the bar and the future success of the practice. Right?

There are 3 things the team need from you:  Direction, Inspiration and Recognition.


If your team knows where you are going with the practice, what you want to achieve, your vision for the practice, they will help you “get there.”  But if they don’t know where “there” is, they can’t help you get there.  This should be written down in the policy manual … the CLEAR VISION for the practice that will help it to survive better.  Good direction is the ultimate weapon of a good leader.


Inspire your team to want to achieve your vision.  Consciously start each day with  good news, compliments from patients or clients, even good news that is happening out in the world.  Create excitement about the progress towards your goals.  Validate high performers as models.


When people feel that their job is not appreciated or valued, they deteriorate.  Turn this around with Staff Recognitions at staff meetings or morning huddle meetings.  Have staff write up successes they have had on the job and put these on the staff bulletin board.

Work on these points and you will be a better, stronger leader and achieve your goals.

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