Giving Back To The Community

Giving Back

Everybody wants to be proud of where they work and to feel like their time is well invested into something that matters.  Obviously in a healthcare practice, your purpose is to do wonderful things for your patients and clients and that is DEFINITELY something to be proud of.  (It is actually why our company decided only to work with healthcare professionals and help them grow!)

To expand on this sense of purpose, the practice could also be involved in community projects as a team.  Many practices get their staff to choose a cause or a charity to support as a whole practice.  These need to involve the entire staff.

For example, one of our clients and their staff spent a lunch hour working in a McDonalds to help raise money for a special charity.  (The doctor said he has a new appreciation for how hard the staff at McDonald’s work but that it was really fun to help a cause.)  Another client and his team went to a third world country and did dentistry for a week.  That was an extreme staff morale booster and extraordinary experience.  Another ran a Food Bank day where all patients brought by food stuffs to donate.  Another person got complimentary tickets for a bunch of underprivileged kids in his city to go to see the Blue Jays play in Toronto and got a bus company to donate a bus and driver for this expedition.

There is no shortage of amazing community activities to support and make a difference in.  Make your own practice known and well-thought of through one or more of these activities and have some fun as a team too.


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