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While owning or working in a healthcare practice is a big responsibility because you are dealing with patients’ health issues, it does not have to be boring or dull. Keeping it fun and lively for both the staff and the patients or clients is a win-win proposition.

At our office we have had various games and contests and activities that keep us jazzed and having fun. Coming into work every day is easier when there is some fun in the air.

Here are a few of the contests we have successfully done (and you may have seen them in the past in our emails) that you can copy or which may inspire a fresh idea that you and your team could get behind:

  1. Christmas Tree Contest

As it is the holidays coming up in December, this one could be fun to send out as an email game to all your patients or clients: We put up a Christmas tree in our office and bought 4 strings of 100 bulbs each and just slathered the tree in twinkling lights (and all the other balls and tinsel etc.). We removed a bunch of bulbs from the last string so that it was not an even number (like 100, 200, 300 or 400 since the strings come in those amounts usually), and took a picture of the tree all decked out. Next, we made an email contest promo piece and put the picture of the tree in it and offered a prize (I think it was an iPad Mini) to the email recipient who guessed the closest to the right number of bulbs on the tree. So many cute responses and wild guesses came back by email and we giggled and thoroughly enjoyed the game. Your patients and clients like to play games and win prizes too so this might be a fun one to do now. NOTE: If a Christmas Tree is not your thing or no space for one, string lights around the practice. Or hang coloured bulbs. Etc.

  1. Easter Egg Contest

We had an Easter Egg contest in April. We took a picture of an Easter egg basket with a lot of Easter eggs in it and a stuffed bunny was running away from it with candy droppings trailing behind him (bunny poop). The email recipients had to guess the number of eggs involved. Again, the closest guess won the prize. And of course, our staff took care of eating the eggs!

  1. Valentine’s Kisses Contest

On Valentine’s Day, we did a Kisses contest with a huge vase filled with Hershey’s Kisses and again, posted it on email lines and again, had fun reading all the guesses and comments. Very favourably received. And the Kisses tasted great too!

Why don’t you and your team put your heads together and see what ideas you can come up with that are fairly simple to do and not too time consuming, yet totally fun for your patients or clients and yourselves.

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