Fun and Games Contest

A lively practice where the staff actually like each other and cooperate well together is a thing of beauty. Patients or clients will definitely perceive the difference if they have previously been at a different practice where everyone was bored or where the staff sniped at one another. The “feel” of the practice would have repelled them to some degree, and the quality of service was a few notches lower for them than it should have been.

One of the key ways to create this lively, fun practice where the patients or clients get jazzed by the cool staff goes back to the saying that “a team that plays together works better together.” A lot of the big successful companies have budgets for some team play activities. It is advised that these activities be away from the practice environment in new, fun or unusual setting. One of the interesting by-products is getting to know your fellow staff members’ strengths and skills. You may even develop new ways of working together.

Here are some sample ideas:

1. An outing to get an initial scuba diving lesson.

2. Team challenges such as Photo scavenger hunt.

3. A car rally to raise money for a charity.

4. Paint Night with the staff (submitted by Dr. Michelle Redden)

5. Escape Rooms for some team work (submitted by Dr. Nawar Touchan)

6. Donates their pooled team money to a family in need through the Salvation Army for food and toys at christmas, they did a family baseball game, and a picnic at a park with a splash pad for the families and kids to play together. (submitted by Melissa Ritchie)


There are practices that do these activities on a regular basis, or even once or twice a year. We would love to hear from practice owners and staff what successful team building outings your practice has enjoyed and found helpful.

Prizes: $100 pre-paid VISA to the top suggestion

$25 to the second and third runners up

Deadline: November 7, 2017

Looking forward to your amazing submissions by email please! And we will share these ideas.

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