Freedom from or Freedom to?

Every one of our clients is a unique individual with unique goals for their practice. Bet you are too! Some of you have situations you wish to be free FROM and others may wish to be free TO do something.

For instance freedom FROM may include such things as long hours, feeling like everything is on your shoulders, stress of being the owner AND the professional, staff issues that seem to never end, uncertainties of how to effectively grow or stabilize your practice, lacks of profit at the end of the day, and so on.

Freedom TO could include taking more vacation time, feeling more fulfilled, have the hours you want, be able to retire young, be able to change professions, creating your dream practice, having the dream team, move to your own building, do renovations, expand the practice, etc. For example, one of our clients has a 24/7 goal (yes, that surprised me too!). He wants to work 24 hours per week, 7 months of the year. Cool, no problem, we’ll get him there.

Whatever your goals, they are most likely achievable but it often takes some careful, well thought out strategizing. But to stay stuck and not moving forward at full speed on your goals is a penalty no one NEEDS to suffer through. Being a victim of circumstance or taking a proactive stance are both choices. A practice is not a trap or a burden when you have the keys to change.

One client hated the profession his parents had pushed him into and after 5 years, he knew he wanted out and to move into something completely different, so he hired us to help him build the practice up substantially enough that he could sell in two years, pay off all his debts and have the funds to move into a whole new career.

Another wanted to keep his existing practice but build it up and get a couple of associates so he could be free to move to a different city and have the income to start a whole new practice.

Yet another had 3 small children under 5 years old and wanted to go from working 5 days per week to 2 days so she could be with her children more. So we helped her grow the practice and get 2 full time associates fully booked while she then backed out of 3 days per week and her wish came true.

It’s your life and your practice is a big part of it but to fully achieve happiness, you may need to adjust a few “freedom froms” or “freedom tos” in order to get there. So don’t hold yourself back!

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