Forget Making New Year’s Resolutions!


Many people make New Year’s resolutions but few actually make them all materialize.  How about you?  Did you notice that regret sets in and you resolve never to bother making resolutions again?

Instead, have you tried setting targets and goals for your practice? Or did you abandon those too? Hopefully not, because having a direction and something to aim for each month is very important in order to maintain the growth of your practice.

The question is … how do you set targets and goals that actually DO materialize without them falling into the category of those dratted New Year’s Resolutions that didn’t make it?

There are various ways of accomplishing this.  For instance, why not set monthly growth goals and then work out a few steps to actually take your stats in that direction.  For instance, use your stat of how much downtime you have per month and work out how to reactivate patients that have fallen off the wagon and get them back in to fill up your production schedule and of course to give them the care that they deserve to have.  Bonuses on this particular stat can help motivate you and your team.

Same thing goes for marketing ideas…you can set up a calendar with one marketing idea or focus or theme per month.  For example, for a dental office, you could focus on correct brushing and flossing with every patient you see that month.  For a veterinary practice, you could have a geriatric and diabetic month (feature old animal treatment) or dental month, for chiropractic clinic you could have a back to school, spring gardening exercise programs.  Think of what applies to your own profession … you will find there are at least 12 ideas for yearly calendar.  If you can’t, give us a call and we’ll help.

There you go!  Start with those two things and just focus on one month at a time.

Management of a practice is not always easy but there is help available.  Please read the letter that we just received from one of our clients, Dr. Alma Iancau.

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