Force vs. Intelligence

To succeed, you need both force AND intelligence. If you use the correct amount of each, at the right times, you will succeed at anything you do.

Unsuccessful Leadership

You can find unsuccessful management everywhere. Certain leaders are too forceful: “Get 5 New Patients scheduled by tomorrow or you’re fired.” They might have short-term success, but never long-term success.

Other unsuccessful leaders are the intelligent “nice guys.” They say, “By increasing the number of New Patients up over last year, research shows that the Collections will also be higher than the year before.”

The Winning Combination

To succeed in your battle for success, you need your own balance of force and intelligence.

A successful executive not only does good planning (intelligence) and gives precise instructions, he or she must also have enough persistence and intensity (force) to push the plans through.

For example, the boss concludes that the fees are too low. He writes an order raising the fees. The staff objects. The boss maintains a position and insists on the price increase despite all opposition. To succeed, and have enough money to pay the staff, the boss must not waiver.

Successful business owners not only work out policy and guidelines for the staff, they enforce those policies. No policies and no enforcement are both unsatisfactory.

You can spend all day planning your success, but you also need to work as many hours as necessary to make it happen.

If you are not being as successful as you would like to be, which do you need to increase: intelligence or force, or maybe both?

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