Does Your Practice Décor Make a Difference

Practice Decor

Have you ever walked into a posh hotel or into someone’s house that actually makes an emotional impact on you or simply delighted you? Where you felt totally comfortable and relaxed? Made you feel more cheerful? Or one that was so sterile there was nothing to impress you or make you recommend it? Have you ever felt ill at ease in a cluttered space and wondered what kind of person could live like that?

Well, your patients or clients are just like you. Their gut reaction to the physical appearance of your practice will influence their reaction to you, what you are presenting to them, and whether they will recommend you to a friend.

Therefore, the short answer is yes, your practice décor makes a difference with most of your patients.

The counter argument is that it should NOT make a difference. It should be your finely tuned skills and your wonderful personality and your awesome team that take center stage and attract a large number of patients or clients by referral. And loads of healthcare professionals do attract many new patients that way. However, it is a fact that IF their physical plant was ALSO amazing, they would attract even more by referrals.

There are some people (probably not your favourite patients or clients) who are so messy or careless themselves that they wouldn’t care what your practice looked like. But we won’t go further on that line.

On the other side of this picture, with transparency on the internet ever increasing through Ratemds etc., you cannot hide poor skills or an abrasive personality behind a posh décor either.

An impressive décor does NOT have to cost a lot, by the way. A good designer can use colour, artwork, and so on to create some pretty amazing interiors.

Wow your patients or clients with a new look and inspire more referrals!

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