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Thirty years ago, dental consultants in the field were almost non-existent.  We know, because we started 30 years ago and had one competitor.  But times have changed in many ways.

In the 1970’s and early 1980’s, as a dentist you just had to open your practice and you were pretty much assured of having a full practice in the not too distant future.  And the cost of your rent, staff salaries, equipment and supplies were much lower.  Lab bills were not as intense because there were not so many high-end procedures and cosmetic options technically speaking, so much of the work was done internally.

On top of those rising costs, the dental school programs were becoming more and more expensive with many dentists graduating owing $200,000 to $250,000 in student loans.

Unfortunately, none of the dental schools train dentists to be management experts when they graduate.  Even the rare dentist with an MBA degree has not been trained to be an expert in the dental field; it is a generalist degree.

Dental Practice Consulting

As the costs of running a dental office rose and rose, and the number of dental offices grew in numbers, the need to increase the efficiency of practices in order to still take home a good living financially became a pressure.  Enter the need for outside dental management expertise to give dentists a hand in increasing the profitability of their practices.

Why dental consultants?

From hiring excellent teams to support them, to marketing the practice to fill it up with the kind of patients you want to treat, to treatment plan presentation skills, to boss and leadership tools, to handle the finances of the practice with expertise for maximum profitability, all these aspects of a practice can make your practice life fun and exciting or a stressful, dreary profession.

Dental consultants with 30 years of experience can change your life and give you a better life/work balance plus the income to make it all worthwhile. Try it, you might like it!

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