Can-Do Attitude for Boss and Staff

Want to increase the energy level in the practice?  Want the team to show more initiative, positivity, resourcefulness, dedication and eagerness to accomplish great things?  Would you love a can-do attitude from one and all towards the growth of the practice?

It is too easy to start creating mental barriers on how growth of the practice can’t be done, how it will be “all too much” if we get too many patients, there aren’t enough potential new patients in the area, we’ll have to expand our hours, patients won’t get properly serviced, etc.  That is a “can’t do” attitude.

As the practice owner, it is all too easy to succumb to this can’t be done reaction.  You must prevent yourself from going down that slippery slope and fight your way to the top instead as the leader.

Start Here:

The answer starts with the practice owner setting the bar high and helping the team raise theirs to match you with an eagerness to succeed and a gung-ho attitude towards practice expansion.  Developing a “Can-Do Attitude” takes a bit of work.

  1. There must be positive goals set for a 3-month, 6-month and a 1-year plan that are attainable and worthwhile.
  2. Open yourself up to new opportunities and challenges. You need to help everyone develop a sense of motivation by looking at things with a sense of enthusiasm.
  3. If you are faced with any stops or barriers that arise when trying to get the steps done to achieve the goals, stay positive that it CAN be done. It is SO easy to get negative and depressed.  This is where your personal self-discipline comes into the picture and you need to help the other members of the team to do the same.
  4. Have a “Can-Do Month” where everyone practices saying “yes” to orders and requests and work to get them done ASAP. So good to break the negativity of  “can’t be done”, “I don’t have time”, “I think it is impossible to do” and so on.
  5. Decide to be fearless and take on some major changes. All great leaders have that quality of fearlessness and boldness.  You can do it too!
  6. It is important to reward yourself and the team when you accomplish certain steps along the way to achieving goals. Having rewards to look forward to can really drive a team.  Some practitioners have packed up the whole team and taken them to Bermuda for 4 days, for example.  Big targets accomplish should be rewarded appropriately.
  7. Don’t let procrastination set in or get daunted and give up. Nothing kills a can-do attitude faster.  Weekly staff meetings where you review and acknowledge success are important.
  8. Keep everyone focussed on the big picture and don’t get too bogged down on minutiae. Purpose is a big driver to success!

And there you have it!

Develop Can-Do Awards and give them out liberally.  You will find you can change the attitudes of the entire team if you infuse it with enthusiasm for a worthwhile goal.





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