Are all your doors wide open?

Are all your doors wide open?

If your practice is not billing more than you did pre-Covid-19, then we need to have a chat about this.

Most of the really “on-top-of-things” marketing gurus are saying that you need to do 30% more marketing now than you did before.  People are distracted and have their attention being pulled in many directions so you need to increase the ways that they can find you and grab their attention.

How many doors do you have?

You may have answered “one or two” but you are only thinking of physical doors.    Doors are portals for new patients to enter your practice.  Try thinking of this differently:  Your website is a portal – it is a way for a potential new patient to enter your practice and ask for an appointment.  Your Facebook page, if it is active and has valuable postings on it, may be found by potential patients who then ask to come into your practice.  The same with Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Podcasts, Google ads, Facebook Ads, Live Facebook, etc. etc.  These are all portals, and if they are wide open and inviting, people will enter through them.

You Must Open the Doors

The message here is that while you may have a website, it may not be fully SEO’d (Search Engine Optimized) to make Google find it, or it may be old fashioned looking, or perhaps too many words and not enough pictures and graphics, or broken links in it, and so on.  These sites have to be nurtured continually and effectively.

Many practice owners have said they have a Facebook page “they think”.  But that says it all.  If they are not having attention grabbing material posted at least once a week, there is no reason for anyone to go there and Google won’t be that interested.

YouTube videos about your practice, your profession, how something you do works, and so can be found when patients are searching for answers.  Having a YouTube channel and playlists is an open door to your practice.

It Takes a Village

Hiring a good company to help you with this is important unless you have a staff member who is an extremely social media trained superstar working for you who can spend a ½ hour to an hour a day creating and posting.  Lots of people SAY they are good at it but it is not usually the case.

We have found a full-service media company called The Best Media ( who can take on every type of online marketing, from website design, to SEO, to videos, to social media of every type.  Roberto has been more than helpful in many ways and has a fast, able team.  One person can rarely do all those things in a totally professional way.  As the saying goes, “It takes a village.”

Anyway, there are loads of very good companies out there besides this one.  Check out their websites and some of their products to see if their style suits you.  Ask them to go through your online presence and give you a report of exactly what needs to be added or enhanced.

Bottom Line

OPEN ALL YOUR DOORS WIDE for new patients to come in!

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