As healthcare professionals, you have worked tirelessly through long hours, so it is no wonder that you require a well-deserved break.  Given the pre-Covid state of the world, you would probably be taking your vacation to the air or on the road or in the water.  There is no doubt that you could wish any number of trips into full blown, relaxation opportunities.

However, with the country still in the midst the pandemic, there is no certainty yet that we will be travelling anywhere out of our area, per the instructions that currently prevail.  … And who knows how it will be by the summer months.

Before your mouth turns down at the corners at the thought of a staycation, read on and see 5 great vacation ideas for you and your family right in your own house!  Use the money that you would have spent on an “away” vacation to spice up your staycation with new experiences.

  1. At Home Spa Experience

Nothing says relaxation better than a spa day! With an abundance of at-home spa kits, relaxing music and even meditation videos available online. These activities will allow you to recharge both body and mind in your own living-room.  Every member of the family could be treated to this experience as if you were away at a luxury hotel or spa.

  1. Get Your Kids Involved

If you are in quarantine with the entire family, find things to do that get the whole family involved. It can be as active as going into the backyard and setting up a tent for a covid-friendly camping experience. All equipment can be ordered on line.  Or bring the fun inside with a board game night and karaoke party. It is a great way to get the whole family spending quality time together in a manner that gives everyone a break from their everyday stresses.   Video these karaoke fests for watching later on a movie night!  For a movie night outside, you could hang up a white bedsheet and rent or buy a projector for an outdoor drive-in experience.

  1. Tourist Attractions from Your Own Home

Although some people travel to new places for the mental escape and warm sun, maybe you travel for the new experiences of art, culture and history which is where this next idea comes into play. The pandemic has forced a majority of businesses to shift to holding their services online.  And this has led to many museums, galleries, and general tourist attractions being accessible via the internet. You now have the option to explore Mark Twain’s house or visit the Louvre. There is a fabulous walking tour of Paris, and so on.  Even zoos are offering virtual tours.

  1. Expanding Your Life Skills in a Fun Way

Learning a new language and meeting people online from around the world is becoming simpler and faster.  Or, how about the whole family doing online art classes and creating new art for your home?  Another idea is having each family member learn all about a country somewhere in the world and putting together a presentation for the rest of the family with pictures, PowerPoint presentations, or whatever works for them depending on age and skill sets.

  1. Planning Your Future Vacation

You might not have the opportunity to travel right now but the future is wide open. Why not get a head start on planning a trip for when the time comes? There is no time like the present to strategize destinations, hotels, and fun activities for you to do while you are there and working out these details now, allows you to focus on the incredible experience later on. As a bonus, it gives you something to look forward to when the world opens back up.

Whatever you decide to do for your summer staycation, you will hopefully create some good memories to look back on and tide you over until regular life resumes.


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