One Step Ahead Of The Game

One step ahead of the game

In a rapidly changing world, trying to keep a practice up-to-date and one step ahead of the game can seem very challenging, especially when you are not only the leader of your practice but also the full time healthcare provider.

The penalties for not keeping ahead can range from:

  • patients (or potential patients) being lost  to more innovative competitors
  • income slowly deteriorating
  • staff morale going down
  • not feeling challenged – no fun and games
  • loss of value of practice at the future time of sale
  • a feeling of boredom and lack of interest
  • patients or clients not getting ultimate care from the practice.

Here are some suggestions for some innovative strategizing:

  1. Take time to look around.  Look at competitor’s and colleague’s websites to see what they are offering.  Look at them for positive differences from your way of doing things.
  2. Think about what is keeping you on the same path and force yourself to ponder whether or not you should shift plans.
  3. Look at your practice from a patient’s or client’s viewpoint, and try and visualize changes they would recommend (aesthetics, services, etc.)
  4. Discuss innovative changes with your staff and get ideas they may have.  Involving them could uncover some surprisingly good ideas.
  5. Engage in “what if” thinking.  For example, “What would our patients or clients think if we did ………?”

For a wealth of articles and advice on how to improve practices, check out our articles page.  You will also see under “Clients” what 120 healthcare professionals say we did for their practices.

Great leaders need to strategically move forward at all times to stay one step ahead of the game.


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