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If you own a practice, you have goals.  For some practitioners, it is merely to keep the doors open.  For others, it is to own multiple, profitable practices.  And in between those two extremes are a myriad of goals such as:

  • Deliver high level care to our patients.
  • Have a fun staff that are well paid.
  • A full patient base with plenty of new patients monthly.
  • Make a great living.
  • Enjoy going into work each day.
  • And so on.

But how do you get those goals met efficiently and swiftly?

Building the High Speed Highway:

A doctor with an extremely large practice recently said, “I haven’t built my highway yet, but I have a whole bunch of places to go.  I need to put in the systems and structure (the highway) so that I can be freed to do the other things I want to accomplish.”

What systems and structure would be needed to build that “highway”?  Here are some of the types of things (in no particular order or priority):

  1. Job descriptions for every position, protocols written up and an up-to-date policy manual spelling out practice rules and guidelines.
  2. Effective weekly/monthly staff meetings which do production planning.
  3. Employment Standards Act contracts for all staff.
  4. If big enough and needed, an Office Manager.
  5. A written, organized marketing plan that is consistently carried out.
  6. A structured bonus system rewarding high level productivity and service.
  7. Management by statistics system that isolates what went wrong or right for the week and tools to make it go better next week in terms of service.
  8. Morning “huddles” for planning out the day.
  9. Methods of hiring the right staff.
  10. Training methods to bring new staff quickly up to speed.
  11. Correction techniques to smoothly improve weak areas of the practice.
  12. Delegation skills to push workloads down the line and off of you.
  13. An overall strategic plan and then step-by-step action plans to carry out the actual doingness required.
  14. Accountability methods to ensure actions are consistently carried out.
  15. Referree skills to keep the team running smoothly. (lol)
  16. Sales skills from front desk to the back so patients receive the ideal care they deserve to have.
  17. Contracts for associates and other providers with all the right clauses to protect you and your practice.

Where to now?

There are probably more items that could or should be on that list, but these are a starting point.  Once they are all in place, you will find yourself on a high speed highway with enough help to allow you to go to the places you want to go.

Some clients of ours love to travel a lot, some don’t want to work in the practice much at all, some have expansion ideas for the practice, some want multiple locations running profitably, and many want to spend more time with their family.

By building your high speed highway, you can achieve any or all of those things!

We have been helping clients build their highways for 28 years.

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