Why hire a Dental Coach?

Dental Coaching

Why are so many dentists considering hiring a dental coach these days?  The answer:  How much dental management training or expertise did you receive in your 4 years at dental school?  Thousands of dentists have told us that it was virtually a non-existent subject other than a talk by an accountant and by a lawyer.

Now You’re a Dentist

So you graduate as a dentist and usually associate for a while to get some experience and some income going to start paying down student loans.  You observe how the owner of the practice is managing (or not) the practice and sometimes make vows to yourself, like “I’m never doing THAT when I have my own practice.”

Dental Practice of Your Own

Then there comes the day you make the leap and buy or start a practice, either solo or with a partner.  At first, you may feel completely overwhelmed with all the minutiae that you need to learn and know in order to run your staff.  You can feel a little (or a lot) confused by the details of insurances and source deductions and the financial requirements.

And Now For a Dental Coach

What can a dental coach help you with?  Here are some of the things we help our clients with as their coach/consultant:

  • Hiring good staff,
  • training them to be great staff,
  • how to give positive orders that get complied to,
  • how to manage by your statistics to see where service is improving or worsening so you can take action,
  • how to do better treatment plan presentations so more patients go ahead with ideal care,
  • how to schedule ideal days so you run on time and are not stressed,
  • marketing the practice with digital and tradition successful marketing strategies,
  • eliminating cancellations and no shows,
  • how to be a great leader,
  • systems and protocols, job descriptions and policy manual,
  • how to strategize long term goals and bring them into fruition for real.

An Ideal Dental Coach

An ideal dental coach would give you executive training so that you do not need coaching or consulting in the future as you would now be a fully trained CEO and in control of your practice.  This is what our team does because it just makes sense to become your own expert in the management of your own dental office.

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