Veterinary Management


How the heck is an animal doctor expected to know all about veterinary practice management?  Yet vets spend as much time running the business as they do delivering medicine.  Business management being its own profession, owner/vets are finding that they need to be able to practice two professions simultaneously.

Veterinary Doctor vs Practice Management

Veterinarians do not get trained in management in veterinary school.  Yet they usually end up having to do their own practice management while they pay down their student loans, invest in instruments and equipment, furnish the clinic and so forth.  It’s a hit-and-miss, learn-from-experience kind of life.  Many falter and go on to be associates only, instead of carrying the extra responsibilities of owners.

Who can blame them?

We have found, in over 30 years of consulting veterinarians, that “burn-out” is usually the result of management overwhelm; it’s not usually because they have to work too hard on veterinary medicine.

What Does Veterinary Management Consist Of?

Hiring qualified technical and administrative staff.  Firing them if needed.  Training staff, both front and back ends.  Creating job descriptions, compiling a Practice Manual.  Keeping accurate books. Doing payroll.  Ordering supplies. Doing inventory.  Keeping staff happy and productive.  Dealing with all client complaints, no matter who messed up.  Keeping up with insurance, source deduction payments, filing annual returns.  Maintaining and updating equipment.  Keeping up with government, College and Association regulations, and so on.


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