Susan Holloway

Susan Holloway
Susan Holloway 709-467-5736
PO Box 293
Musgravetown, NF A0C 1Z0

When AMI first contacted me, I was skeptical. Working less hours, having less stress, all the while making more money seemed too good to be true. I declined their offer and continued on on my own. After a while of trying to do it myself and not seeing any real improvements, I thought I would give them a try.

Bob and his team then began to show me how to organize my clinic and my appointment book so that I could work a lot more efficiently. They helped me hire my first employee, and put into place quality control procedures, etc. etc. The results have been great. A better product for my patients, less stress for me. I now enjoy going to work more than ever. I now control my clinic – it no longer controls me.

I am looking forward to the rest of my program and reaching even higher goals.
Thank you, AMI.

Susan Holloway, Denturist