Stefanie Goddyn

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My name is Stefanie Goddyn and I am a Chiropodist. I actually thought my business was doing rather well and that I was making decent money. Well, that’s until I met the amazing Janice Wheeler (President, AMI). I must say I was quite skeptical of all the things Janice said I could accomplish.

After talking to a person who had used AMI as a business consultant and hearing all the awesome things they had done for her, I was on board.

I started in June 2011 and my business has literally doubled. I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! AMI teaches you all these techniques that – believe it or not – work!!! How to understand people better, to see how your business is doing as each week goes by, how to manage your staff, how to sell without being a pushy car salesman.

All the staff at AMI are great people. The teachers have knowledge they want to teach you and they want to make sure you understand – you will not leave there thinking: “What on earth was all that about? Huh?”

My consultant Briar is great – she seems to really understand and know exactly what I am going through. She checks with me each week to make sure I am doing the right things to make my business grow and prosper.

They genuinely care about their clients. And that’s the part I like the most!

I recommend them most emphatically!!!

Stefanie Goddyn, Chiropodist