Paul Pacifici

Paul Pacifici
 Paul Pacifici Village Green Denture Clinic
38 King St. West
Stoney Creek, On  L8G 1H6

Dear Fellow Denturist:

Since becoming a client of The Art of Management I have taken a good practice and made it more effective, efficient and profitable. Their courses have helped me to grasp how handling the tiny things in everyday practice can result in increased productivity and success.

The Art of Management executive skills and sales training programs have allowed me more time to deal with patients on a more personal level to the result that I am delivering more of the care actually needed. I have reduced my physical work load in the laboratory and more importantly, have also reduced my level of stress.

It is not necessary to work harder and longer hours to increase your income. I was already working hard. Now I’ve added foresight to my management skills allowing me to control my practice effectively.

If you are willing to increase your practice and then take some sensible steps to see it grow, then this program is for you.


Paul Pacifici, Denturist