Kimberley and Wayne Paget

Kimberley Paget and Wayne Paget
Kimberley Paget and Wayne Paget Paget Denture Clinic
308 Rubidge Street
Peterborough, ON K9J 3P4

AMI is fabulous! Our goal was to have a family owned practice and a close relationship with our staff, and now we have created that! We have been able to create a real team atmosphere with everyone jumping in and getting the work done.
We feel de-stressed and more efficient than ever, and have an excellent denture clinic that delivers fantastic service and a great product.

It has allowed us to take home income beyond our wildest imaginations and all the free time we wanted.

Their courses, inspiration and insightful, continued guidance is proving invaluable to us.

There is no pass or fail, simply implement what you have learned

Thus far, with only two courses and many consultations we have;

  • reduced our stress
  • Increased our working hours.
  • implemented incentive programs for the staff
  • increased job satisfaction and most of all production.
  • monthly gross income has increased 33%.

Management by statistics and sound principles taught by Bob Wheeler and staff have given us the tools to be executives of our company and administer the applied materials to achieve our potential.

Kimberley Paget and Wayne Paget, Denturists