Jeannette McLaren

Robertson Optical and Optometry

(604) 946-7911
#102 – 5405 Ladner Trunk Road
Delta, BC  V4K 1W6

Becoming a client with The Art Of Management was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Before AMI, my business was chaotic and stressful. There were many things that I knew I should be doing but I was not certain how to get them done and there was no plan in place to accomplish my goals. Sometimes things were okay and other times I was just overwhelmed; it was just me doing everything. I was not always able to see the direction I needed to go and would often drift off course. When I signed up with AMI, I immediately had a business coach and we worked out a plan and the path to achieve it. I could then refocus my efforts in the right direction; something I could not figure how to do before.

I have gained considerable confidence and can see where I am going by the measurable results I am getting. I now know the things that need to get done and have the time to create my future. I am consistently getting more things done as I have a plan and am achieving the success I am working towards. My confidence has significantly increased such that I am able to handle anything that comes my way without the stress and confusion. Using the hiring technology from the Art Of Management, we hire the right staff that do the right job and achieve the exact targets needed for our success.

Having a business coach at AMI was amazing. This was the single most important factor that kept us on track and managing by statistics. I can always see how the business is actually doing and compare it to any other point in time with statistical management. No more guessing. I can predict client volume and profitability 3 months down the road with my newly acquired marketing knowledge so that I always know what causes the ups and, more rarely, downs in the statistics.

As a result of the program delivered by The Art Of Management, profitability has increased significantly. We set the goals and then shoot past them! In fact, we have surpassed financial targets 10 out of 12 months! Truly amazing! I have been able to fully equip my clinic, I have good reserves in my account for any additional equipment/expansion I want to add and am using my profit to make more profit! This program more than paid for itself.

I have also benefited from the AMI program in my personal life: I am more content now, I love the work and enjoy my job. My job is not all-consuming and is in its’ proper place with more time for the rest of my life. Now, when I go on vacation, I am actually on vacation and not just working from some other location.

I am very proud of my business. I highly recommend the AMI program to anyone who wants these kinds of achievements. Thank you to AMI for helping me achieve my goals. I could not have done this without them.


Jeannette McLaren, Optician