Erin Fairbanks

Erin Fairbanks
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The ins and outs of running a business were something I’ve never learned about. All I really wanted to do was treat my patients and practice chiropody. I did not to deal with the rest of the stuff that goes with it. Fortunately AMI has taught me that you can’t be a successful medical professional without being a successful executive.

My professional life has completely changed since starting with AMI. I feel comfortable and confident in managing my staff. I am a strong leader. I’ve learned how to make good changes to the way I practice my profession. I’ve got a strong grasp on HOW to run a business.

But the biggest difference I have experienced is in my clinic’s production:

In less than 4 months I’ve had almost a 100% increase in billings!…and all of this in fewer hours

How can this one change make such an enormous difference? Don’t you think that you owe it to yourself to find out?

When first approached by AMI to experience these changes I thought “How can I afford this?” The fact is that I now know better… could I afford NOT to!

Thank you AMI for the tremendous difference you have made to my life!

Erin Fairbanks, Chiropodist

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