Dr. Victor Kernaleguen

Dr. Victor Kernaleguen
Dr. Victor Kernaleguen Gateway Veterinary Services

(306) 752-7387
710 Hamilton Ave W.
Melfort, Saskatchewan

When we opened our vet practice in 2011 in a small town of 6,000 people, we had built a brand new 4,000 sq. ft. facility, had no pre-existing clientele, were in debt $800,000 and had a well-established competitor next door.  All we knew was that we wanted to go to work and we needed to just “pay the bills.”  We had no idea how to manage the staff or the money.

AMI happened to put on a seminar about consulting and management at that exact moment.  We started on with them within our first 3 months of business. We were scared that we couldn’t afford it and Janice promised us it would pay off, AND IT DID!

We doubled our predicted income in our first year and doubled again in our second.  In our third year, we surpassed the highest year of production of the established clinic next door.

Not only did we generate the income, but we had the tools for staffing the practice, and keeping the good ones.  We have the policies in place to keep everyone focused and can manage the in and out flow of clients and income.

What we have gained from AMI is priceless to us and has not only saved our sanity, but has given us the hope of achieving our dreams and more!

Dr. Victor Kernaleguen, Veterinarian

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