Dr. Tanya Slapnicar

Dr. Tanya Slapnicar
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Last year, before we joined AMI, we were frustrated about the growth of our practice.

We had certain people working in our wellness centre who essentially were holding us back. Plus, we couldn’t find the way to plan for greater growth. When we were approached by AMI, of course we were reluctant at first because there are always tons of marketing programs that claim to know the secret to a successful practice. However, after completing the program, we can say with certainty that this program was definitely worth doing.

Making changes to your practice can be very difficult. In the past, we stalled when making decisions involving significant change. AMI taught us that in order to move to the next level, change was necessary. Through the courses, we learned how to objectively look at all aspects of our practice and use statistics to apply certain steps and programs for practice growth. We also learned how to more effectively communicate, which is an essential component to a successful practice. We have implemented more procedures and plans, and have delegated more duties so that less of the stress is placed on us. Throughout the year, we have watched as our statistics have steadily climbed, and ultimately our income has followed. The program has left us with the tools to continue to grow our practice by using solid business strategies rather than slick sales gimmicks or pressuring tactics. We would highly recommend this program for anyone who is looking for a way to improve and build their practice.

Dr. Tanya Slapnicar, Chiropractor

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