Dr. Tammy Wilde

Dr. Tammy Wilde
Dr. Tammy Wilde 780-459-7387
1005 Tudor Glen Place
St. Albert, AB T8N 3V4

Prior to AMI, staff and clinic issues caused a tremendous amount of stress in my life. I was considering making a career change.

Through the AMI program and by applying the concepts I learned along with the consultant’s common sense suggestions, our clinic has had a complete turn around. Occasionally, there are issues that still arise with staff and the clinic but the difference now is that I am able to deal with and correct these situations. Production is way up, staff morale is up, and my job satisfaction has increased. Most importantly, my life away from the clinic has improved.

I am grateful to all the staff of The Art of Management for helping me become the successful business owner I always wanted to be.

Dr. Tammy Wilde, Veterinarian

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