Dr. Stephen Chu

Stephen Chu

Dr. Stephen Chu Comfort Stride Foot Clinic
695 Markham Rd #1b
Scarborough, ON M1H 2A5
(647) 989-7794

I thought I’d write you something from the top of my head and the bottom of my heart. When I started with your services, I was frightened, skeptical, even resistant at first.

I just couldn’t see the value of spending time, effort and money into a practice management program. Once I finally got over myself and got into the program, I found that it was easy to do, fun and very hands on! Most importantly I began to see results right away. AMI has really given me the tools and continues to give me the tools to organize, manage and evaluate my own progress. This is a practice management program that all chiropodists should consider if they are in private practice. You just don’t get this kind of training in any schools anywhere. Nothing is as hands-on and nothing else applies so directly as this program. Every month without these services is a month of lost potential income! I recommend it highly to anyone who wants to improve their income, efficiency or simply want to improve their management skills. I am pretty sure most want all three and then some!

I have had to expand my practice space one-fold as a result of accommodating the amount of patients I now get! Thanks AMI!

Stephen Chu, Chiropodist

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