Dr. Stacey Gastis and Dr. Tammi Whelan

Dr. Stacey Gastis
Dr. Stacey Gastis 250-337-2281
6635 Island Highway
Merville, BC V0R 2M0

That Was Then.
4 years ago, we were feeling burned out 15 years into our careers. The practice and continually discontented staff ran us. Our purpose as animal health care providers seemed at odds with the business of running a clinic. Our income did not match the effort we were putting in. Our veterinary practice was up for sale.

This Is Now.
After learning the business theory AMI teaches and applying it, we have moved to a very different scene. Our income has increased and stabilized. We now hire staff who are enthusiastic and who work with a ‘can do’ team spirit. We train them well to handle our clients’ concerns and give them great service in return. We have re-purposed our reason for going to work and have again connected with what made us become veterinarians – helping our patients.

The distance traveled is small compared to what we have gained. Our practice remains …ours.

Thank you AMI.

Dr. Stacey Gastis and Dr. Tammi Whelan, Veterinarians

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