Dr. Shazia Malik

Dr. Shazia Malik
Dr. Shazia Malik

Malik Advanced Foot Clinic
1414 Drummond Street, Suite 222
Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1W1

Before I started with AMI, I had been in practice for over 10 years and was doing reasonably well.  I asked AMI one question:  What can you do for my clinic?  I had what I perceived as professional success.  However, I always felt my business needed fine tuning and that is what the representative from AMI established in our initial meeting, and so I went ahead with their services.

After receiving executive training and one-on-one tailored consulting from AMI, I was able to transmit all the elements I had learned into the practice.  I was able to evaluate my business week to week, observe the ups and downs and understand what to do with the information to make a difference.  I learned how to get agreement on treatment plans from patients, and how to better lead my staff.  I have very substantially increased my personal production and I did it in fewer work days.

I would recommend AMI to any professional who wants to fine tune their practice and achieve a more productive business.

Shazia Malik, Podiatrist

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