Dr. Robert Dors

Dr. Robert Dors
Dr. Robert Dors Soundview Centre
1510-20th St East
Owen Sound, ON, N4K 5R1

Dear Colleagues:

Our years of university education teach us to be great optometrists but very little about being good business managers. When it came to optometry, I had a rapidly growing number of patients who felt happy and comfortable with my staff, our office and myself. What I had was a feeling of losing control of my own office. Work was no longer fun and I seemed to be dealing with more and more staff problems since they stopped enjoying the work. When my wife and I first attended The Art of Management introductory seminar, I wasn’t sure anyone could give me that feeling of comfort I wanted from my office.

After my first consultation with The Art of Management, I realized we had made the correct decision to seek their services. They were able to help address my staff problems by making them more efficient and boosting morale. I was able to learn the business management skills to deal with my practice problems of today and in the future. Their approach to teaching business management by statistics gives me the information to know what I do well and what my staff each do well. By concentrating on these statistics, we have been able to grow our practice in the areas which give us a better financial return. The business management courses and consultation gave me the feeling of comfort and control that I was looking for.

When I first met Bob Wheeler at The Art of Management, I told him I just wanted to work smarter, not harder. Our office was as successful as most. My working hours have reduced from 5 days a week to 4-1/2 days and in a month, I’ll be at 4 days. I take double the holidays since completing the program. Each of my staff earned an average of 10% more income in the first year of implementing this business system. Despite these changes, our gross and net incomes have increased each year, even with OHIP cuts and clawbacks. We have added an associate and moved to a larger off ice. Optometry has become fun again.

If your concerns are similar to mine or you have any concerns about how to operate in these demanding economic times, I urge you to talk to Bob or any of the staff at The Art of Management. They have the knowledge and solutions to achieve the security and control you should expect from your practice. It will be a decision you will not regret.


Dr. Robert Dors, Optometrist

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