Dr. Richard Murray

Dr. Richard Murray
Dr. Richard Murray Britannia Heights Veterinary Clinic
2579 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON K2B 7H7

We finally accepted the fact that the clinic was running our lives and that we no longer felt we had control.

We were looking at options and getting out seemed the only possibility!! We attended an AMI intro seminar and our eyes were opened – our practice was stressful, not because it was busy but because it was poorly managed.

AMI provides courses to train professionals to be capable of having control of their own business and still love what they do. After enrolling in the AMI program, the clinic was transformed. Staff now work as a team, we work less hours in a week and yet revenue continues to grow.

Before AMI we thought that working less and earning more wasn’t possible – but by applying all of the skills we learned, we are working smarter, not harder. Thanks to AMI our patients and staff are now getting the high quality care they deserve.

Dr. Richard Murray, Veterinarian

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