Dr. Nikhil Bair-Patel

Dr. Nikhil Bair-Patel
Dr. Nikhil Bair-Patel Integrated Health Centre
1036 Pembroke Street East
Pembroke, ON K8A 6Z2

Before I get to the crux of my letter, let me preface it with a synopsis of the relevant events and the ensuing repercussions.

Two years ago I became very concerned with fundamental aspects of my practice, as my gross income was increasing my bank statement was becoming increasingly poorer. The two did not seem to correlate! My staff was not concerned nor were they interested in further investigation, they were content to make me unsubstantiated statements as to the reasons for a lack of new patients or why patients were not returning for care. This was a difficult period for chiropractors because we were going through a bad time with negative publicity in regards to cervical manipulations and stroke and the Ontario Government was strongly contemplating delisting chiropractors from the health care plan within the next 3 months. During this time an old patient, who is a Denturist, came back for care and was telling me of the wonderful transformation that had occurred to his practice.  He stated that he had taken the management course from AMI and that all the advice was straight forward, simple and easily applied.

I knew that I was not prepared for the changed about to happen to our profession and so after deep discussion with my wife I called you. Your team came in with a thorough system of evaluation that included assessments by all stakeholders in terms of the purpose of the practice and how things were being run and personality assessments. You then sat my wife and I down and gave us the plan that we were to implement.

It was a simple plan, but it was not easy to put in place as it made me think of every little step that I had to do. I didn’t do things this way before; I just did it! So as I have implemented the little steps this has fundamentally changed how I do everything. Now as ideas are brought forward, they are broken down into little steps and then implemented, and it is stress free and easy. AMI gave me the means to monitor whether these changes were effective by using statistics. Now I don’t have to make excuses or guess what is happening in my practice. AMI did not give me a cookie cutter approach to enhancing my practice; they created a solution particular to my personality and practice methods.

As a consequence of what AMI has taught me, I am a significantly better owner/manager, husband and father. I am successfully managing my practice and another business; I am much happier and significantly stress-free.

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend your program to any professional who wants to effectively manage their practice and create a positive and stress free environment for staff and patients alike.

Thank you very much for all you have done for my staff and I.

Dr. Nikhil Bair-Patel, Chiropractor