Dr. Nawar Touchan

(613) 789-3584
278 Friel Street
Ottawa ON, K1N 7W1

The Art of Management (AMI) program is superbly structured, and is tailored perfectly to the needs of health professionals wishing to see their practices flourish. I very strongly endorse the AMI program, and can personally attest to the impressive outcomes that the professional consultants can help to deliver to your business.

The professionals at AMI helped me to considerably bolster the productivity and profitability at my practices through providing expert training to both myself and my entire staff in a number of vital areas, such as optimizing patient scheduling, accurately monitoring growth, developing rapport with patients, and fostering harmonious working relationships between staff members.

AMI is composed of a team of highly trained, experienced experts, and I highly recommend their program to any savvy professional wishing to significantly strengthen all facets of their practice. Their program is a highly worthwhile investment in yourself and your practice.

Dr. Nawar Touchan, Periodontist