Dr. Myles Bokinac

Dr. Myles Bokinac
Dr. Myles Bokinac Advance Eye Care Center
500 – 4010 Pasqua Street
Regina, SK S4S 7B9

My wife and I graduated as optometrists in 2004 and purchased an existing practice a year later.

In 2008, my wife had our first child and we hired an associate to cover her maternity leave; she turned out so well we decided to keep her on after the maternity leave ended. Again we needed to get into rapid expansion mode to ramp up the number of patients coming in. This was the time we learned about AMI. We signed on very quickly and have never looked back. Actually, more accurately – looking back I would have done the program at AMI immediately upon graduating. It would have made life simpler.

My stress load has decreased drastically; I can now be the doctor and the manager and almost always still leave at 5pm and leave work behind until the next day, something that did not happen before this program. If it did, then something was being neglected.

All of the courses were very helpful to me as the manager of an optometric practice and the knowledge of how to manage an office was priceless to me. Using stats instead of pure gut feeling allows me to micro-dissect my practice at a glance to see where a problem really lies or where a success has come from. Making decisions using this information is obviously much smarter and more effective. Thank you AMI.

Dr. Myles Bokinac, Optometrist