Dr. Michael McLauchlin

110 Talbot St W
Blenheim, ON N0P 1A0

I had been in practice 14 years before starting the program with The Art Of Management. My practice was going well but I felt it could be better;  I was able to maintain our practice but I felt it was  difficult to create consistent growth and I couldn’t seem to correct this on my own… Starting the program at AMI gave me the exact information on the how to create consistent growth and the needed structure to develop my practice to the next level. I have been able to expand consistently over the last 3 years, and have, in fact, achieved our highest levels to date in August.  Consulting with Bob helped me learn to plan and implement the necessary changes for my team to work better  together achieving  upward trending results.

The benefits I have received from this program have been significant. Now I know how to manage by statistics and analyze those statistics to transform them into the growth of my practice. The Sales Workshop that I attended with my staff was very rewarding. This gave our team  the information and techniques to ensure the patient’s receive the care they need to increase the quality of their physical health. Implementing the scheduling and recall system has dramatically improved our effectiveness as well as given us the tools to better manage the delivery of the full cycle of high quality care to all of our patients.

The AMI program helped me  bring my staff  together as a cohesive team, allowing them to be part of  the successes we are now enjoying. I don’t have to do this on my own anymore and I am no longer stressed being the “only one” responsible for the income of the practice. With the tools that I received from the AMI program, I was able to empower my staff to be a fully functioning team coordinated with the goals of the practice. I have staff who are accountable, responsible and fully engaged. I have implemented a bonus system that rewards my staff for their increased productivity and their hard work. They work better together and have invested themselves in the success of my practice.  Although the practice was doing well before, for the last 3 years we are now steadily expanding, which has resulted in a consistent, substantial increase in profitability.

I highly recommend the program at The Art Of Management to everyone regardless of how long you have been practicing. Thank you to Janice and Bob Wheeler for giving me the opportunity to learn this very effective program.

Dr. Michael McLauchlin, HONS. BA., D.C.  Chiropractor / Certified Acupuncture Provider