Dr. Lynn Clarke and Dr. Dan Quinlan

r. Lynn Clarke and Dr. Dan Quinlan
r. Lynn Clarke and Dr. Dan Quinlan Baccalieu Trail Animal Hospital
P.O. Box 1404
Bay Roberts, NF A0A 1G0

Like most medical professionals, we as veterinarians graduated with a degree in our field but none in business administration. As new business owners, we were meeting our big three dreams of practising our craft, running our business, and pursuing our imagined lifestyle with enthusiasm and excitement.

However, our lack of basic management skills soon left us in a position where the daily running of our practice grew into a big and not so friendly dog. We were becoming slaves to our business while allowing both our professional and personal lives to suffer.

Thanks to the team at The Art of Management, we were taught the tools to get the big dog back in its cage where it belonged. With a common sense, straight forward approach, AMI was able to make our practice work for us.

They say life is short and that you should take advantage of what life has to offer before it’s too late. Thanks to AMI, we realized it is never too late! We no longer go looking for life’s little wonders, we’re making them!

Dr. Lynn Clarke and Dr. Dan Quinlan, Veterinarians