Dr. Krista Ryan

273 Mill Street
Port Elgin, ON  N0H 0A0

Let me tell you a quick story about me being in the hospital while my associate left to set-up their own practice one mile away. I was struggling over the years with the associate’s values being drastically different from mine and was getting more and more frustrated because every time I left, the office would be shut down. Then something bad happened and I was hospitalized and was unable to even practice. The bottom fell out from under me; I was hospitalized and completely unable to practice and mentally devastated. Which meant that after ten years of building my practice that it wouldn’t be there to support me financially during my recovery. As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream of an ideal practice. The big problem was I didn’t know how to manage the staff. I felt helpless and I felt that I was a failure at running my clinic because it was such a struggle to move forward with anything.

I knew I HAD to make a change. So, first I tried to manage staff and my work from my phone in the hospital. That didn’t work at all. I even tried working as soon as I got out of the hospital, but that just plain sucked. Then, I got a Locum Agency to fill the void and I asked a family member to help and it worked a little better, but not enough. Then I finally signed up with The Art Of Management and guess what? It worked! All it took was an hour of my time on a call with Janice Wheeler to find out if their program was right for me.

I learned to manage my team and build more income streams into my existing practice so I didn’t have to work so hard. When I started the coaching with the Art of Management, not only did it simplify the process for how to manage staff and make more money, but it also helped me to run office protocol smoothly without the headaches, make more money without sacrificing family time, and just be less frustrated at employees!

The Art Of Management took the guess work out of managing and gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to adjust more patients with better systems in place! What used to take me forever, I can now get done immediately. I have gained the confidence to manage my clinic fully no matter the situations and I am less stressed and more productive. I know the best way to handle all the ups and downs of running my office and I am reaching our peak efficiency. I have built a team of professionals to run my clinic which means I have more time with my family.

Thank you.

Dr. Krista Ryan, Chiropractor