Dr. Klea-Ann Wasilow

PO Box 1704
Maple Creek, SK S0N 1N0

I was at a crossroad in my career: I had recently purchased my practice outright from my previous partner, and the weight of managing the practice was just too much to handle; on top of being a mother, wife, rancher and a veterinarian.  AMI has helped me turn things around.  They have walked me through a critical evaluation of my practice.  They have given me the tools to guide my team to handle anything that comes our way. 

I now look at each task in a different light…how can I make this better for the team, our clients, patients and myself.  How can we sort this out so it is dealt with from now on and never comes up again. 

I can critically look at the statistics of the practice and not worry so much about the emotional part of each day.  Our team has been structured behind the scene to give each member a clear idea of their responsibilities and the internal management team provides an amazing back bone to everything that happens in the practice.  We are prepared to give each new member of the team a solid and supported start, so they are off and running, flourishing in the practice as quick as possible. 

In our careers, the challenge is to never stop learning, and always look for a better way to care for our patients — well AMI has opened the door for me to take better care of my family, my team, my clients, my patients and myself.  I have once again been reminded that there is always a better way to do things, a new way to look at challenges, and that being open and willing to engage everyone on the team will provide the most amazing solutions.  Watching my team transform and take off with the business has been absolutely amazing.  

I have great respect for the team at AMI.  I have to say, some of the information they presented to me was way out of my comfort zone to start, but now, with just a little encouragement and discussion from my consultant, I feel my team can confront and overcome any issue. 

Thank you AMI for walking along side me and encouraging me to keep going.  You have guided me to make every aspect of my practice life better. 

Dr. Klea-Ann Wasilow, DVM