Dr. Kiran Ramesh

Vision Care Centre
3483 Kingston Road
Scarborough, ON M1M 1R4

I graduated a little over 5 years ago and bought a 30-year-old practice almost 3 years ago. I love my practice and I am very lucky to have great staff and associates working with me.

When I heard about AMI, I felt my practice was doing well. As the owner, I would sometimes get a bit stressed and I just wanted to get some insight on how I could improve things. I felt like I didn’t have enough time to manage the practice. I was so busy being “the doctor.” I needed to find a balance between doctor time and manager time. There was a myriad of little things that needed to be altered but nothing major or earth shattering, time to do these things is what I felt I was lacking.

The AMI team of consultants and trainers gradually trained me as a better manager and gave me the tools I needed, one by one, to integrate into my practice. I didn’t feel like any big changes were made, but when I look back, it was the small changes that all added up to make a BIG difference.

Did this program really help me? Looking back at what I was making before and what I am making now – SIGNIFICANT improvement. I feel a lot less stressed. I would definitely recommend AMI.

Dr. Kiran Ramesh, Optometrist